Your Stay

Short Film (2019)  22 Mins

During a raging wildfire in the Utah mountains, a lonely man stays in a vacant hotel nearby confronting his demons.

Written & Directed by Dylan R. Nix                       


This short was made during a trip to Utah to visit the production of 'They Live Inside Us' of which Dylan R. Nix is a producer of. While staying in his hotel, and having a hard time adjusting to the time change, he would stay up late all three nights filming this short because he wanted to incorporate footage of the real life wildfire that had started the night he arrived. Many towns had to evacuate and homes were lost during the fire. On the last day of his trip Nix could barely go outside due to the high levels of smoke without having a hard time breathing and his eyes being extremely irritated.

The only scenes not to be filmed in Utah were the nightmare sequences which were filmed in a cabin in Georgia.


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