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A young man befriends a serial killer and embarks on a night of enlightenment 

during the holiday season.


Drama/Crime/Dark Comedy


119 Mins (1 Hr 59 Min)




Digital, 24 fps


St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, White Springs - FLORIDA



For information or a private screener please contact

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  • Dylan R. Nix…Reagan Rossi

  • David E. McMahon…Semward Yarley

  • Claire Louise HuderEvelyn

  • Genesis Ortiz…Sierra

  • Arielle Fray…Terri

  • Shanice Lodge...Marie

  • Brian Ray...Detective Ritter

  • Michael Ballif...Anchor

  • James Morris...Silbie Hosking

  • Kristen Flynn Karlik...Beth

Dylan R. Nix started his film production company Archico Productions in 2014 with his first short film Intervenus followed by Sickos: The Very First Ones and a feature film Baron Von Laugho’s Halloween Spook-A-Thon. From there he made several other short films and a feature length documentary about the making of the Halloween Spook-A-Thon which detailed the many complications and failures the troubled film had during its production.

      In 2019, he created a horror anthology series called Sharp Candy which included four 20-30 minute episodes which interconnected over the course of Halloween night, and brought back Nix’s clown character BARON VON LAUGHO from his Halloween Spookathon which is by far Archico Production’s most popular character. In 2020, he started publishing a book series based on the TV series and is currently up to seven books published as well as another book in a spin off series called "Try Some Fun-Size Pieces of Sharp Candy". The Sharp Candy TV show premiered at the 2019 Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina as a special invitation.

     2020 also saw the production Nix's third feature The Things We Bloom of which he also wrote and published a novelization of. The Demon of Serling  will be his fourth feature.

Shane Williams and Nix have been good friends since high school and while Williams attended Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Communications, Nix was working on short films and other projects. Occasionally the two would collaborate and Nix would always try to include him in the projects despite their distance. For The Things We Bloom, Williams became a vital part of the film as a producer and as the lead role opposite Nix. While not his first acting role, Williams has never considered himself an actor nor aspired to really be one. Nix asked him to play the role because their original actor dropped out and a lot was riding on getting scenes wrapped during a certain period of time. Nix since then has been grateful and believes the part was meant to be played by Williams. Funny enough the two friends first acted together in their first short film Intervenus which Williams also produced. In other regards, Williams is a talented and reliable production assistant and cameraman working in Atlanta for numerous productions and has many behind the scenes credits for such titles as ‘The Resident’.

David E. McMahon is an award-winning actor who has acquired a long list of independent film credits to his name such as The Song of Solomon, Blind Cop 2, Bonehill Road, 10/31 Part 2, Teardrop Goodbye with Mandatory Directorial Commentary by Remy Von Trout, and Teacher Shortage as well as legions of other roles in feature and short films. He is a versatile actor and is able to move seamlessly from comedy to drama to horror. Having first worked with Nix on the series Sharp Candy, he was immediately contacted to play a role in The Things We Bloom. Having stolen the show in that film, Nix wrote this project specifically for McMahon  to star in.

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