sIcKoS: The Very First Ones

Short Film (2015)  39 Mins

The lives of four sickos intertwine both tragically and hilariously during a single day. An ode to the horror/crime films of the 80s. 



Originally intended to be a webseries before "Intervenus" was made, "sIcKoS" was developed into a short film instead. Inspired by 80s horror films and the feel of low budget exploitation movies, Nix wrote a feature length script simply titled "SICKOS" a few years ago and then decided as a way to generate interest in the characters was to make a short film/webseries.


The film stars Dylan R. Nix, Jeff Everhart (ast dir.), Tyler Keen, Ray Richardson, Dan Mahoney & Meaghan Lynn. Produced by Shane Williams, Sommer Winters, & Jeff Everhart. Executive Producer Colton Pooler. Cinematography, Editing, Writing, & Directed by Dylan R. Nix.


Fun Fact: The character Mr. Karver also appears in Archico's feature 'Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon!'. Both Nix and Everhart have concluded that Mr. Karver is not only immortal but can time travel and exists in every single film of theirs starting with 'sIcKoS'. 

After moving to Maryland from Florida in November 2015, Dylan R. Nix met Jeff Everhart (of the E effect) while working at a seasonal retail position. The two instantly bonded over movies and comedic sketches and from that bond quickly became good friends and ventured off into making "sIcKoS" having only known each other for a month or two.


But "sIcKoS" wasn't the only project they worked on as the duo also created a short comedy web-series called "On The Rocks" which seemingly mocks sitcoms and their cliches all from an interesting one take/one frame perspective. This series can be found via the E effect's YouTube Channel which is linked below.


the E effect tries to put out a new video weekly whether it be a skit, or video documentary which more recently has often involved Archico Productions in some way. Shortly after the release of "sIcKoS" the E effect put together a touching Behind-The-Scenes video, documenting the "sIcKoS" shoot, the people who made it, and the two friends with whom it all started.

the E effect weekly- "sIcKoS: Outtakes/Behind the Scenes"

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