Witness true horror in these bone-chilling and bizarre tales from some awfully twisted minds. Inspired by horror novels from the 80s, this anthology series is bound to usher in a new era of nightmares for a generation that will soon be incapable of going to bed without the light on.


Ever wonder what happened to that tape of your first birthday party? Or that tape of Christmas morning 1992? Or how about the video tape of your very own wedding? Odds are you got rid of it at some point and is now in our hands. 

Featuring hilarious commentary from various members of the Archico family each episode as they watch a stranger's home video and sometimes even their own.

Want to learn how to live better through means of better living?


Well then this over saturated episodic instructional series is the show for you. 


Over the course of each episode you will be given several helpful tips in a hilarious new sketch show from Archico Productions.

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