Welcome to the 'Sharp Candy' official series webpage!

"Sharp Candy" is a throwback to 80s horror novels and is

about 4 short horror stories intertwining to tell a much

grander one during Halloween night. The series will feature

some previous characters from our past shorts such as

Baron Von Laugho and Mr. Karver as well as some fresh faces

and creatures. 

The first season will revolve around 4 tales intertwining

throughout Halloween night. 

JANEY'S NIGHT - A young beautiful girl named Janey is terrorized on Halloween night by a supernatural force.

THE PAWNBROKER - A lonely pawnbroker has a special Halloween day sale going on but it won't just be the prices that

are getting slashed tonight.

TOHELL ROAD - A brother and sister are on their way to Halloween rave when they take a short cut and wind up in a

hellish nightmare of bloodshed and torment. *OFFICIAL SELECTION - HALLOWEENAPALOOZA FILM FESTIVAL 2019*

AMERICAN TRICKERS - Two trickers are causing mischief and pranking some of their most hated teachers on Halloween night when they decide to go for the high value target: Principal Habble.



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