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SHARP CANDY is  a multi-media horror franchise created by Dylan R. Nix, owner of Archico Productions.

Started in 2019 with the release of the Complete First Season known simply as SHARP CANDY. From there a book series was created and is currently written and self-published by Nix.

There is to be a total of 19 books that would make up what would be multiple seasons, were the television series able to continue. As of right now, Season 2 was planned but fell through. There are however, an additional book series and TV project planned for the future entitled: Try Some Fun-Size Pieces of SHARP CANDY which will feature shorter and unconnected horror films/stories.

The original SHARP CANDY series both in book and television form is an interconnected anthology series which revolve around the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Season 1 (Books 1-4) take place on Halloween and involve Archico Production's character BARON VON LAUGHO. He is the main villain of the series. Books 5-9 would serve as the basis of Season 2 set during Thanksgiving; Books 10-14 are set during Christmas and Books 15-19 are set again during Halloween and combine all the characters from the stories into a grand finale. Were Season 2 completed and a 3rd season viable, Nix says he would combine Books 10-19 into a single season to save money and make-up for what Season 1 was unable to do continuity wise.


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