For Nathan Smith, today is an important day; he has a big job interview lined up and he's proposing to his girlfriend of three years. Everything seems to be looking up, but poor Nathan is about to learn that we all have our rough days.



Short Film (2014) 16 Mins

While preparing to get ready to shoot a webseries, (dir.) Dylan R. Nix, (pro.) Shane Williams, & (cin.) Daniel McCook met to discuss the script when McCook suggested they go out and just shoot some improvised test footage thus "Intervenus" came into fruition for they liked the footage so much that they forgot about the webseries and continuted to improvise the entire rest of the film. 


The film stars Dylan R. Nix as the lead character with Williams providing a performance in a supporting role. The film also stars Cody Nix, Ashley Yarham, and Gunner Clarke (composer). 


Nix, Clarke, & McCook all had a hand it's editing and there are two versions: the first release and the director's cut. 

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