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Our Appreciation

Thank you so much for checking out our site and hopefully some of our films or other videos. We're not putting on airs when we say that we deeply appreciate your time. We love to create and all of this is mostly just a part-time side gig. 

On a more personal note, we have NO such desire to offend any person based on what they may categorize themselves as. We treat every person the same and do not judge or go out of our way to include or exclude anyone. We are a small group, and work with extremely small budgets and do our best to get projects done working with whomever shows an interest and shows up.


However we do believe fully in the freedom of speech and freedom of expression SO LONG as no physical harm comes from it. That said, some of our films may have what could be considered offensive material. This is not our goal - to offend - but to simply tell stories unrestricted by opinion. Again, it is not our mission to specifically write or produce material that might possibly inflame or seem directed at anyone or a group of persons. We are here to entertain. To scare; to parody; to shock; but mostly to be authentic. Satire is the cure, we feel, to recognize our (humanity's) hubris, but without unrestricted speech satire is impossible. We reject a world where each and every human being is not allowed to express themselves, be who they are and say what they want. Even if what they are saying is something we disagree with or do not understand; so long as it does not bring physical harm, we understand that to restrict one person leads to a dangerous road of restriction for all. To simplify our message, we understand that you can't please everyone. Some people will just downright hate what we are about and that is okay. We still appreciate you taking the time to even watch something we created. However we refuse to bend and twist and restrict our art and who we are as creative people to try and frame everything we do to please and adhere to certain and often sudden social issues. 

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